Schofield lecture

The Schofield Lecture was established in 2012 and constitutes the premier award of TC104. Paying tribute to Prof. Andrew Schofield, the lecture aims to honour the significant contribution of a geotechnical engineer (from academia or industry) to the field of physical modelling in geotechnics. This is the greatest honour that TC104 can bestow on our peers in recognition of contributions within the field of physical modelling research and practice.

The recipient is invited to deliver the Schofield lecture and the corresponding keynote paper during one of the International Conferences organized by TC104 (ICPMG, Eurofuge, or Asiafuge) or the ISSMGE.

Malcolm Bolton (2012)
1st Schofield Lecturer

Bruce Kutter (2014)
2nd Schofield Lecturer

Mark Randolph (2017)
3rd Schofield Lecturer

Neil Taylor (2018)
4th Schofield Lecturer

Osamu Kusakabe (2022)
5th Schofield Lecturer