ACPMG (Asiafuge)

ACPMG (Asiafuge) is the second regional conference that is organized by ISSMGE TC104. As for Eurofuge, it takes place every 4 years, alternating with ICPMG (i.e., taking place 2 years after ICPMG). Asiafuge is the gathering place for Asian academics, engineers, researchers, technicians and students, offer a discussion forum of the latest developments in modelling techniques, technologies, similitude laws, and all other aspects of physical modelling in geotechnics.

The Inaugural Asiafuge took place in 2012 in Mumbai, India. This was followed by the 2nd Asiafuge (2016) in Shanghai, China, hosted at Tongji University. The 3rd Asiafuge (2021, delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic) was held in Singapore, chaired by Profs. Darren Siau Chen Chian, Colin Chun Fai Leung and Chu Jian.

The 4th Asiafuge will be in the UAE 2024, hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi, under the leadership of Prof. Tarek Abdoun.