5th Schofield Lecture - Call for Nominations

Dear ISSMGE TC104 members,

As you are informed by the last TC104 Chairman’s Report, April 19, 2019, now I’m initiating the voting process for the 5th Schofield lecturer. Basically TC104 will propose the 5th Schofield lecture as a plenary session program during ICSMGE 2021 in Sydney. Since it will be finally decided by a bidding process, it can’t be guarranted and may be presented in another international event.


TC104 members, not only nominated but corresponding, are invited to nominate a candidate following the information for designation procedure (see the attachment). Once the applications are submitted, the Executive Group will review, select three final candidates and finally begin the voting process by nominated members. The timeline for this process is as below;


May 24 – Deadline for Call for nomination

May 28 – TC104 Executive Group reviews the applications and selects three final candidates

May 29 to June 10 – Voting by e-mail


The details of voting process and rules will be informed when voting process begins. Basically nominated members vote via e-mail to Executive Group members rating “points” to the three candidates; 3 for the first, 2 for the second, and 1 for the third choice. The candidate with the highest points obtains the support of 50% of total vote to be selected as the 5th Schofield lecturer. If he/she doesn’t, there will be a second round voting for the two candidates with the highest and the second highest points.


Please send the nominations by e-mailing to followings by May 24.


Executive charing group members

Chairman Dong-Soo Kim (dongsookim@kaist.ac.kr)

Vice-Chairman David White (david.white@soton.ac.uk)

Secretary Nam-Ryong Kim (namryong@gmail.com)


If you have any questions or comments on the process, please feel free to contact the Chairman or Secretary.

With my best wishes,

Dong Soo Kim


For more information, please see the following.

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